Wednesday, November 28, 2007

UPDATE: Triangles

Here's his take on the goddamn triangles.

As always, brilliant SEO. Damn SEO.

Have fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thinking in triangles

Before the teambuilding seminar, it was all about being defensive against squares. As we walked away from the activity, all pumped up in cholesterol, it all turned into fear of triangles.

Don't even bother trying to make sense of it all.

My department jumped into this strange, cholesterol-laden team building activity, set in a resthouse overlooking the sea, complete with a freaky Papa Jesus statue. No team building activity is complete without a freaky Papa Jesus statue looking at the participants, but I digress.

This particular team building is actually my first, and I was expecting something along the lines of getting paid while swimming, or rolling around in sand. It's just too bad that it really did turn out to be an actual team building exercise, something so mentally and physically strenuous that it even caused my anemic faint spells to recur several years after my last attack. God damn it.

But why mentally, you ask? There's nothing actually mentally tasking in the exercises; most of the activities are just all about knowing what your left and you right are while walking around blindfolded, making sure that I don't trip in my boots. But staying in a place full of people I'd rather see only during wurk tiem - redundant STRESS on 'only' - pretty much sent me with my back against the wall trying to gnash my teeth and act the way how normal people would act.

Not only was I sent falling to the ground due to utter exhaustion, I also became that person to be always the first to sleep, missing out on various activities. Not that I minded, of course. It's just too bad that I slept through the creepy parts, except that time when our big boss's face suddenly hovered above mine, while I was lying awake on a dark and stormy 4:00 am playing with my DS.

Damn, that was creepy.

In any case, we're now trying to synthesize the things that we learned during team building. Yes, now we know that conflicts must be acknowledged, that that they all must be dealt with, direct and swift to the point.

We have resolved to confront our certain co-worker whose existence sends our gaydar senses a-tingling, and tell him that the utter tightness of his pants is causing the random downtimes of our servers, and hopefully bring closure to the goddamn issue.

Oh, lawd.

I'd love to actually explain the bit about the squares and the triangles, but I think my co-worker will do a better job at it. I'll just link his post when he does.