Friday, September 11, 2009

Brain just died: King of Fighters Sky Stage

Brain too numb to write anything coherent after seeing the official website for King of Fighters: Sky Stage, so I’ll just do the usual lazy post-your-YM-convo for now.


Mai: excuse me
Mai: what is this?
Ryan: What is? D:
Mai: oh...sorry
Mai: this is...confusing
Ryan: Wai D:
Ryan: What is it D:
Mai: King of Fighters Sky Stage
Ryan: Sky Stage? D:
Mai: its a KOF shmup.
Ryan: Uh what? D:
Mai: shoot em up? Ikaruga? Touhou?
Mai: it's not April 1 right?
Ryan: Uh...yeah D:
Mai: or did I unknowingly go back in time and this is really April 1
Ryan: It's not April 1, and that looks about right D:
Mai: because this is a pretty bad joke
Mai: I don't know what to think about anymore D:
Mai: is it awesome?
Mai: is it purely retarded?
Ryan: It looks okay...
Ryan: I mean, it makes sense.
Mai: it...does?
Ryan: Kyo has the fireballs, Athena the psychoballs.
Mai: I...I don't know D:
Ryan: Kim Kaphwan would have the kimchi balls
Mai: /;_;\
Mai: please, stop the brain hurt
Ryan: Myuh \;3;/
Mai: I mean, what the hell are they going to shoot in the first place!?
Ryan: Uh, flying....rugal clones??? D:
Mai: I dunno man. I really…
Mai: maybe a flying juggling monkey but I don't think you even know about the juggling monkey in KoF history
Mai: but I think it'll make sense...
Ryan: I dunno that one D:
Mai: yeah I guess you don't...
Mai: *gurgle*
Ryan: D:
Mai: maybe they'll shoot down flying porkbuns or maybe its all a ploy to let fans get what they wanted the most: a game that lets them see Mai's butt every freaking second of the game's duration
Mai: maybe they'll shoot down flying red caps
Mai: I dunno, I dunno. I think I won't be sleeping well tonight
Ryan: Uh D: D: D:
Ryan: Myuh, calm down Mai-Mai \o3o/

Mai: it’s…its a bad world out there.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poorly suppressed power levels.

The T and I got around to comparing our workstations earlier despite our somehow busy workdays. Behold the signs of barely (if ever) suppressed power levels:

The pic on the left is T's, the one on the right taken with a crappy camera is mine.

...goddamn, he has a Decadriver. In the office. ONORE DI--pffft, whatever.