Sunday, May 18, 2008

Speed Racer movie impressions. Yes, it's my own this time.

I'm glad I've regained my brain cells right now, because now I'm able to write my own impressions on the Wachowski Brothers' take on the Speed Racer movie. I think my head got jarred watching the film yesterday, and you know what? I liked it.

It's highly apparent in the first few minutes of the film that yes, the Speed Racer film isn't anything like you've seen before.

But before we delve into that, let's get into the source material first. The original Speed Racer anime is a 60's anime, and as expected from a 60's anime you're going to get funky colors, strange futuristic vehicles, fly-away hair and ultra-cheesy acting.

These elements got carried over to the movie. Heck, even the annoying monkey.

Yeah, they even go so far as to recreate certain recurring scenes in the anime

Not surprisingly, several movie critics didn't like the movie. They were no doubt nauseated by the speed effects, they were put off by the neo-sixties theme of the film, they were annoyed with the anime-flavored acting - you'd be extremely stupid to expect deep, profound plot here - heck, the film even has cheesy sparkling hearts appear on screen in the appropriate moments.

Yes, the film having its horde of haters is to be expected, because the Speed Racer film is, undoubtedly, a faithful live-action recreation of what anime is. And when I say faithful, I do mean faithful. Character costumes, hairdo, the attempt to carry over the cartoony pastel colors in the anime (and it worked)...everything. It's practically the anime itself, skinned with Real Life(tm).

I can go on and on, but he already did the honors (see fanboy review below), so I won't. I'll have to echo my beloved's words though, when he said that the Speed Racer movie is practically a love letter to fans of the original anime and even sixties-era anime in general.

And like love letters addressed to specific persons, other people (who aren't meant to read the letter) wouldn't comprehend its contents.