Monday, March 24, 2008

C-c-c-crab battle!

Those wondering about what the text additions on my last picture post mean can just watch this video. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

C-c-c-crab battle! *POST UPDATED*

Officemate: Why is Snake humping his milk?

I dunno. But all I know is that Snake licked the tartol. Tartol is aaaangrryy.

Musings, and lolwut.

Haven't touched this blog for awhile now, and I miss writing on a personal one. Yeah. Between the day the last post was put up and this very moment, so many things have happened. Enough to make an entire year quite...unforgettable, to say the least.

Many of the things that came about within that period happened on admittedly less-than-desirable circumstances, and could have been handled differently, but to borrow his words: "it wasn't the easy thing to do, but the right thing to do."

But right things do not necessarily right a wrong that's already been done. The only thing left to do is to make sure you will not do any further wrongdoings.

But enough rhetoric.

I think I and the rest of churchgoers who attended last night's Easter Vigil in a certain church just committed sacrilege en masse. What can we expect from a Church that had priests prancing around in Santa Claus suits within its hallowed halls, after the last Christmas Eve mass?

Picture this: for the entire four-hour duration of the mass - that started on 7:30 in the evening - two hours were spent in darkness, lulling most of the people present to sleep. It's the ideal trap to let people's guards down, for the ultimate clincher. I shouldn't have let my guard down, not especially when the pamphlet informing the faithful about the Easter Vigil mass promised of "amazing visuals you shouldn't miss," or something to that effect.

And then lightning struck. It was simulated lightning, but lightning of THX caliber nonetheless, even it if was just cheap lights blinking against styrofoam that has been painted to look like a tombstone made out of solid rock. I snuck a glance towards my partner-in-crime, who joined me and my family to experience his very first Easter Vigil mass.

His reaction? Priceless. Unreadable actually, but getting an unreadable expression out of the usually animated man was a feat in itself.

Then they proceeded to show some short scenes taken from Mel Gibson's Passion of The Christ. Of course, we're talking about what could be the bloodiest Jesus film every released, and I winced every time the hammer was brought down to the tune of THX boom sound effects. At that point, I forgot that I was even attending mass.

...and somewhere along the way, the said styrofoam rock tombstone opened, revealing a surfer dude haphazardly swathed in what looked like my household's missing satin sheets, walking around in an utter daze as if thinking to himself, what the fuck was he doing in front of a crowd with only a flimsy sheet drawing the line between utter shame and his nakedness?

Nope, I didn't attend Mass. I think I just attended the Rocky Horror Show.

But in any case, I was cheered up by the Caek that he bought me, before we proceeded to the Mass. Behold:

And the good part is that its mango-flavored. "How apt," he said when we found out that it was actually a mango cake. How apt, indeed.