Friday, June 19, 2009

A snippet of stolen time yields a lot of amusement.

This blog post is actually a test done on one of the business-related applications that we’ve been testing for eventual roll-out. ‘Related’ somehow similar to the concept of the Friendster six-degrees of separation, haha.

I love my work so much. In the most mundane sense, at least.

And now, back to work.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The weather last week was like Mum. Also, Manila Ocean Park.

If I were to anthropomorphize last week's weather, she'd look and act a lot like my mum. I even have almost the same kind of misgivings towards the weather as my mum (thank you for NOT letting me go to the company outing). That's all I can say about last week's weather.

Mother-flavored weather or no, Sunday still saw me being treated to a sunny day with the fishes in Manila Ocean Park, courtesy of that someone who will remain seriously awesome...until our next argument.

With the exorbitant ticket price (400 can see me through an entire work week complete with a Wendy's side salad for each day), I wasn't expecting the place to be packed with people. While there was no line for the tickets by the time that we came, we were still greeted with several families gawking at the fishy population once we got into the park.

Needless to say I'm actually glad; while the park is relatively small I wouldn't want to see it close down due to lack of visitors.

The fishes were hard at work in entertaining the guests: a trio of huge Amazonian fishes - touted to be the largest freshwater fish in the world - tried tried their best to be as cuddly as possible, making me feel a strong urge to jump into the aquarium and hug them. Too bad that doing so would see me getting hauled away from the park.

Rays were also employed to shade the underwater tunnel visitors from the harsh rays of the sun, using their flat, wide bodies. Some of them looked grumpy, begging to have their pictures taken and used for macros such as "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. AND I DO NOT LIKE IT."

Of course, there are the doctor fishes of the fish spa. If I ever have to tag one group of fish as the company "overperformers", these lot would be it. The moment we dipped our feet into the shallow pool, hordes of nomnom fish instantaneously approached our submerged limbs and nom'ed on our feet and legs.

It was, I suppose, the doctor fishes' way of saying "Ma'am and Sir, we advise you to change your year-old loofah and scrub more. In the meantime, we recommend that you let us NOM on your dead skin cells. Nomnomnom." Having crowds of fish happily nibbling on your skin could very well make up being born with chronic dry skin.

A precarious boat ride and a nice lunch later, my companion and I mellowed out in MoA, strolling around hand in hand, just as we always do.

1: Even if we fight a lot, I've never been happier in my whole life.  
2: What made you say that so suddenly?
1: I just wanted to let you know.
2: Uhm, is this the point when the couple goes all lovey-dovey, then parts afterwards with one of them dying because of a freak accident, and the other goes emo and eventually saves the world?
1: Let's just look at them balls touching, shall we?