Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something good in the midst of all the fantardation.

As someone working in the video game industry, I understand why most console owners are driven to schism; it's common to see Xbots flaming the Wiitards, Sonyfags gloating at the Xbots, so on and so forth. But I never could understand why the flame wars between "factions" had to exist, or rather why the fantardation had to explode to such proportions.

But alas, something good came out from the bowels of the intarwebz; despite the asshattery this certain imageboard is known for (bound by Rules 1 and 2 here), the above image happened.

Come on, Mario and Sonic are already participating in the same Olympics now; several years ago you couldn't imagine them having games in the same console, let alone star in a single game. But hey, who cares, right? Retards will always be retards, after all.


redkinoko said...

That xbox guy probably got redring'ed and is faking friendship with the wiitard so he has something to play with >:[ Microsoft makes me rage >:[]