Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I ♥ Japan.

I knew that Japan wouldn't fail me. They do have Happy Turdlets.

Me: I wonder what the creator's explanation about the Happy Turdlets getting flushed? I mean, they look like they're recurring characters.
Me: after getting flushed in one of the 4komas, do they just get fished out of the septic tank to make another appearance?
Me: or do they get reincarnated by getting pooped into life again?
Me: is flushing tantamount to death?
Ryan: I...don't know @__@
Ryan: So many questions @__@
Me: but the answers are so few D:


Ryan said...

The green one's being flushed! Help him!

Hahaha. Happy Turdlets. God dammit Japan.