Monday, October 15, 2007

Obligatory blog and blogger introduction

There's just too many things to do when starting a new blog, and this is one of them (didn't feel like doing this before I uploaded my new template). So, here.

Yes, my name is Mai. Known as Magician in Jeans or Selrotta in the few message boards that I frequent. I'm incredibly bored, which says a lot about my personality. So many things that can be done, so many things to be interested about, and here I am busy being bored.

Why the title? I'm not sure why, myself. Though I am crazy over those robotic turtly turtle overlords, the Walkie Bits (whose existence in my room I owe to Jet). Do you know that those widdle, waddling turtles are out to conquer the world, one by one? They're that badass, those ebul robotic turtle overlords. I worship them.

Actually, the title comes from an actual warning label from the Walkie Bits packaging. The English translation for the warning goes like this: Please do not lick the turtles. Due to the coating on their shells, it is not recommended.

Why a new blog? Because my other blog (Dreaming of Dancing Burritos), hosted by friendster, sucks. No one can comment without logging into their friendster account. Can you say site whoring? Can you say it louder? There ya go.

Why now? At first, I thought it was just me being too reluctant to leave a blog that has so much content already. I'm not sure if one can import a friendster blog to blogspot, but meh. Then I realized it was because I was procrastinating. Again.

So yeah slowpoke, etc. etc.