Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Randomly Coherent, or Coherently Random: Take Your Pick

There's a certain forum thread that I frequent (I'm sure most if not all readers of this blog know which thread I'm talking about), and I'm always amused with how random - yet coherent - convos there turn out.
Someone posts a link to a poorly made "horror" video clip, which gives a new meaning to horror flicks.

H: It's one of the worst computer generated ghosts I've seen in my entire life. Bad wardrobe too, like Mel Gibson can make a movie out of it.

R: If you want people to get really scared tell them one of those "HONEY, I'M TWO WEEKS LATE" kind of stories. I almost crap my pants every time I think of hearing that line.

H: @R - Yah, me too. Especially when I haven't done anything at all.

Me: - Immaculate Conception ftw. That, or it's the Invisible Man's fault.

H: Yah. It's God, most probably.

Me: Anyone can be a "god". That pet name is actually overused, what with people calling others "god" while in the throes of having sex. Damn it, god. Oh god.

R: Next time people ask you about biblical figures put to the test by God, instead of looking at Job and Abraham, look at Joseph, a carpenter whose greatest achievement in life is the one nail he didn't pound.

J: ghost clips > pregnancy > God