Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Idle hands are the devil's playthings.

Or: It's hard being productive nowadays.
Him: And dissidia! XD
Me: I'm not sure about Dissidia, it looks like a flashy PS1 fighting game with improved graphics Eretzvaju/Evil Zone and the obscure others whose titles I forgot
Me: slapped only with FF characters XD
Him: Well, it looks more like Psychic Force 2020
Him: But it looks cool :<
Me: yeah, Psychic Force
Me: it does look cool, but Dissidia won't elicit a FUCK YEAH BRAWL reaction out of me
Me: Castlevania Judgment and Dissidia are on the same level, in my books. Sorry, fanboys.
Him: What. XD
Him: You like Brawl because Squirtle's innit D:<
Me: and Snake
Him: If Dissidia had like a Squirtle summon you'd like it too!
Me: Me: anything that had a touch of Final Fantasy to it?
Him: Or a Squirtle-cula in Castlevania Judgement!
Me: merits a -1 to me.
Me: seriously, that franchise is milked out.
Him: Yeah, I know. I was just kidding.
Me: I mean, yeah, Squeenix is doing a great job with their FFs
Me: but I'll be even happier if they used their time rehashing the many Final Fantasies in churning out originals. Like Sigma Harmonics. WHERES MY GODDAMN SIGMA HARMONICS
Him: D:
Me: how many Final Fantasies will they spend their time on?
Him: As many as they waaaaaaaaaaaaant
Me: *gurgle*
Me: I miss the PS1 era. That was a great time when most gaems were new.
Me: XD
Him: XD
Him: Nostalgia! X3
Me: not really nostalgia. Did you own a PS1 before the later consoles were around, like the PS2?
Him: Of course!
Him: I remember using it as a fuck buddy.
We were innocent, once.