Friday, September 5, 2008

More Ragnarok Online DS screens

If you read this blog, you probably are familiar with Ragnarok Online. And if you managed to come across my post concerning the first scans of Ragnarok Online DS, you may also be saving up to buy the handheld just in time for the game's Japanese release.

Famitsu's online site just released a fresh new batch of Ragnarok Online DS screenshots , and suffice it to say that the game looks good, so far. But I think I'm only biased towards the franchise; if I didn't know RO beforehand much less waste years of my life in the game in the past I probably would have chalked this game as one of them Japanese RPG titles (barring that fact that it's based on a Korean MMO) with the usual pixelly sprites.

But enough talk, check out the screenshots and marvel how GungHo took care to preserve the well-loved original Ragnarok Online user interface.

Ragnarok Online DS makes good use of the DS's dual-screen functionality, while still keeping the old RO flavor. This may be the only time when I consider recycling sprites as a very good decision.

Magic spells are cast by encircling your intended area of effect. A very nice touch, and I thank Squeenix's The World Ends With You for innovating that idea. See, Square Enix, you're better off creating original, new IPs.

The knight looks like it's solving a puzzle, but I'm not paying attention to that. I'm just focused on the awesome headgear, and I hope that ALL the items available in the original Ragnarok Online for the PC are included in the DS version.