Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cold Turkey.

Slashers are impressive these days. One managed to cut through my bag even while I was hugging it close to me on my lap and took my DS and eyeglasses. While the nature of their skills is less than admirable, their deftness is actually enviable.

Here's a short list of the things I lost that mattered to me  :
  • DS Lite
  • Monster Bag (a cute pouch I bought off David that I use as DS softcase)
  • Frog charm
  • Mosquito coil charm (yeah, one of them WTF keychains that I like so much)
  • NDS game saves
My game saves. Losing them hurt a lot; I used to back them up regularly after my Phoenix Wright: Justice For All save got corrupted at some point, then I eventually slacked off since I didn't get any problems after that. Damn, there go the 50+ hours that I clocked into Chrono Trigger, the advanced and difficult stages that I managed to unlock in Space Invaders Extreme. All the stages, mini-games and toys that Ryan and I unlocked in Rhythm Tengoku Gold.

I wonder what other (virtual) irretrievable things are lost.

In any case I'll get another DS Lite when the next payday rolls along; I actually considered getting a DSi but I decided to hold back - despite knowing that Acekard 2i works almost flawlessly - because I'd rather wait for an Asian or US unit with English system menu texts.

I can always do what Ryan does - sell off the current unit and buy a new one. He makes it look so easy.


My Chrono Trigger save ;O; It hurts. And no, I won't consider downloading a perfect game save from the nets - it's not my game.

Then I shrug, and life goes on. I'll just plow through again - at least I know where to go for the most part in the game. And I have to get reunited with my beloved Nuus.