Thursday, March 12, 2009

Using Outlook with personal email for the first time, etc.

1. Dumb and dumber.
Ryan: Oh! That means you managed to get it to work? X3
Me: yeah X3
Ryan: Awesome X3
Me: seems like Outlook was programmed to pull email out of Gmail every 30 mins by default
Me: I set it to 5
Ryan: Whoa D:
Ryan: Ah, you don't use the 'send/retrieve mail' function?
Me: er
Me: I’m expecting Outlook to do it for me automatically
Me: I don’t want to keep pressing them Send/Receive buttons every now and then to check email, you know.
Ryan: Ah, yeah.
Me: mean you keep on pressing that button to check email in your office account?
Ryan: Yeah D:
Me: ...what’s the effing point of using Outlook then?
After all these years in the intarwebs using email clients is new to me. I feel so dumb. Maybe I'm even more dumb to set this up in the first place when Gmail already has a small yet nifty Notifier app.

These days I see Outlook as a decent business appointment organizer, nothing more. I think my rare Microsoft-phobe side would stick to Gmail, thank you very much.

2. I know you love being your usual helpful self, but some people in the big bad world out there just don't deserve to be helped.

It's a good idea to gauge the situation before helping other people; you need to ask yourself questions like "is helping them going to be beneficial to everyone, including me?" or even "is helping them going to cost me more than the benefits that I gain (if ever)?” before you extend that eager hand. It's not like you’re asking for payment for every good turn you make; think of it as valuing, loving yourself.

But don't worry. No matter the rage or the fuck-ups I know how much you're worth, especially when you hold me (hint: It's considerably more than a factory of DS'es, Nintendo included).

Now stop calling me tsundere