Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Too much self-inflicted orange.

Now, I never liked oranges. Not "not like" as in "hate", but I've always thought that each and every permutation of orange pretty much falls under the category labeled "meh".

Every time I had to get Tang, I steer clear from buying its famous (and original) orange variant. In every red pack of Skittles I always set aside the orange flavored candies or made sure to give away the orange ones whenever someone begs for a coupla pieces of Skittles (this kinda works out for Ryan). I have tried out each and every scent of My Shaldan except for the orange-scented ones. I also am not one for earthy colors, and yes, these include orange hues.

However, I'll take anything orange with nary a fuss if it comes down to it.

Why the orange-y layout, though? I still believe that despite my general disinterest, there is still something nice about oranges. It has zest, at least. Something that I really value.


Old Cake said...

Me likey. It's an awesome redesign. The world can use more orange.

Now it's just up to me to draw a relevant banner!

Mai said...

...and to update your own blog, too.