Monday, February 23, 2009

My first hipster garbage: Adobe Creative Suite 3 Trexi

I'm usually wary about vendors peddling their software in the guise of seminars, but I'm going to have to make an personal exception to Adobe Acrobat. In my current work I mostly deal with the company's IT documentation (straightening out the grammar, making them more concise and dummy-proof), and it's been hell updating outdated documents uploaded as image files.

It's no wonder that I happily signed up for the Adobe Acrobat 9 seminar held in my office, despite the fact that I have several documents due soon. Very soon.

Then they gave me this cute item as a prize for asking a question that made the facilitator sweat buckets and stammer:

A limited edition Adobe Creative Suite 3 trexi figure.

Yeah, its one of those toys falling under the "hipster garbage" category that's all the rage these days, alongside Bearbricks, Muggs, Qee, and other toy lines that are pretty much based on a basic shape repainted ad nauseum by "designers" and are also frequently used as product/IP advertisements.

Still, these kinds of stuff make for good handouts. I can see myself making time and actively participating in product seminars if they gave out more of these things.

Here's a better shot of the toy: