Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Demons, and OH YEAH

1. Another day, another convo:
Me: I have to work on the creative rut my lazytard self has created, for one. X3
Him: Ah, yeah. Mai-Mai does need to wurk on that. X3
Me: hmph. XD
Me: any suggestions? XD
Him: Well I dunno D:
Him: I don't think there's really any tried and true cure for getting out of any rut.
Me: I'm one of those people who can write only when experiencing emotional instability, I guess
Me: yeah, emo in other words.
Him: Myah no. D:
Him: I'm the same though, but the definition is different.
Me: mm?
Me: lets hear your definition
Him: Us, we can write anytime, but our best material can only come from our demons.
Him: Emo people ALWAYS write about some slight done to them or how the world is unfair. Oftentimes their demons are just 'fake', not really cause of any suffering and more like them trying to fake it.
Me: speaking of demons, I distinctly remember the first and only tarot reading I had with my friends
Him: Oh?
Me: the fortune teller told me that I am surrounded by a lot of demons, and these demons hold me back from being able to do my full potential.
Me: I always believed that to be the case. So my demons are of restraint; yours is the opposite,
Me: not sure which is better evil.
Him: I don't think there are any good demons XD
Me: I guess. XD
Him: Maybe she's saying that
Him: You rely too much on your demons
Him: While I don't rely on them too much? Probably that's it.
Me: I'm not sure. He told me that they "hold me back"
Him: Well it's one way of putting it. You told me that you're a lazytard when it comes to creative stuff, right?
Him: That you can't write unless there's something eating you from within?
Me: yeah.
Him: Well maybe that's how they're holding you back.
Him: You always wait for 'em.
Him: You don't try writing without them.
Me: probably .__.
Him: Hence they're holding you back because they won't come that often, so you don't write that often.
Him: What do you think about that interpretation?
Me: I think its plausible D:
Him: Then what Mai-Mai needs to do is to stop relying on her demons D:
Me: but demons are awesome. they're all the rage in Hollywood.
2. I would appreciate it if someone made sense of this happy little .gif I found in the 'nets:


Dave said...

It is from a music video for a band called Junior Senior. The song is called "Move Your Feet". I used to love that song and bought the songle just for the music video.


Cool blog by the way :-)

Dave said...

Better version here :-)