Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Froggy frog frog, froggy frog froggy afternoon.

It's sad to find out about the existence of something awesome through their demise.

I just recently learned that our big mango tree houses some tree frogs. I found out because for quite some time I've come across dead or dying tree frogs lying belly up on the cement, underneath the tree.

If I do manage to find living tree frogs on the ground I moist them a bit with stagnant water that I keep for that particular purpose (the chlorine from tap water is harmful to them), climb up the mango tree, and place them on one of the leaves.

Stiil, I see more dead tree frogs than live ones.

I asked someone about why the froggy population in my tree is dying. He told me that it's probably caused by the dry, hot days we've been having recently.

"Nature is just doing her job," he said.

It that's the case then I goddamn hate sweeping up the mess she's making.

...come to think of it, my froggy neighbor who likes to swim (and play dead) in my gardening water bucket hasn't returned for quite some time now.