Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hitback! Hitback! Hitback!

I'm currently indulging myself with playing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on the PSP. Yeah, the remake of the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSX, not the kiddie-fied Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. I'm still regretting buying the actual cartridge, to this day, and from the looks of things I won't even bother downloading its sequel, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It doesn't look like it packs a decent storyline. Bleh.

And then I digress.

I'm also re-reading Alan Moore's famed Watchmen - I'm currently borrowing Ryan's copy (who in turn borrowed almost my entire library of Discworld books). I haven't read this masterpiece for several years now...more than ten years, I think.

Playing the original Final Fantasy Tactics and reading Watchmen gives me a nostalgic kick, because I first encountered and experienced both things when I was still in high school. I clocked in numerous hours playing FFT, during those days when I and my siblings were left alone in our house and given free rein over the family castle (and the murky moat), consequently being able to play well into the wee hours of the morning trying to train freshly-recruited Squires into Dancers.

As for Watchmen, I filched my brother's friends' copy so I could devour it by myself. The man didn't let me, his friend's annoying kid sister, get my hands on it (and I blame the kid sister stereotype that's rampant in media), let alone keep it in my horrendously PINK room. Of course, I surreptitiously returned it. Shit was expensive in those days, even now.

But yeah, I managed to steal it while my he and brother were engrossed with whatever was the current Marvel VS. Capcom (or X-Men VS Capcom) PS1 port during those days. I got introduced with Rorschach, the stupid-looking-but-awesome-in-his-own-way Nite Owl, Laurie Jupiter (or Juspiblakqwerl something), and yes, the tragic Comedian.

And got blown away with such epic storytelling.

To some extent, I got the same effect with playing FFT. After getting steeped with games such as FFVII, my first RPG, and other JRPGs, getting into a nitty-gritty strategy RPG with a bleak, dark storyline was certainly a breath of fresh air. Oh Delita, Delita, such a tragic one.

I'm quite happy that I've encountered Watchmen and Final Fantasy Tactics. Yeah, I had quite the unremarkable highschool life (barring a few relationships here and there, the occasional geekdom rivalry, etc, etc), but among my high school memories, they're one of the things that shine the most.

Yeah I know. I'm geeking out to some extent. I'm just doing what I do best. XD