Thursday, May 29, 2008

The afterglow from the beach trip.

It will be obviously redundant to say that the epic Shift Sarcastic (now Shift Cartwheel...don't ask why) farewell beach trip was a total blast. The elements that comprise it: sun, sand rocks, sea, beer, carcinogen and cholesterol-laden food, and good company already guaranteed that yes, the beach trip was an affair to remember.

It will be hard to forget about it, since I still feel the sensation of the undertow pulling me into the sea even as I type this very blog post, miles away from that beach where we spent our rhetorical last day of summer.

I will not forget about the feel of rocks and bits of shell yielding to each and every footstep that I made towards the beach. I will not forget taking a nap on a cramped bamboo bench, dozing off with the white noise of crashing waves, and Subtersub's guitar strumming (and singing). I will not forget about our star gazing, and the ensuing banter whether that moving, blinking red light was the International Space Station, or just an airplane (it's a plane, dammit XD). I will not forget getting lulled into a half-sleep as I floated on the water.

I will not forget my lengthy talk with him that lasted well into the night, nor the way he always grabbed and held my hand.

And like most good things, it came to an end. One thing didn't, however, and that's...GamerTotoy.

GamerTotoy. So good, it will make you gay.

Goodbye, Shift Sarcastic. Let's go to the Manila Zoo next time and interview the gorillas and giraffes what they think about Metal Gear Solid 4. And you guys can count on me being present in the MGS4 sleepover. PILLOW FIGHT WITH THE PATRIOTS!