Monday, May 26, 2008

You know you're getting too much into the game...

...when you're having dreams about it. But I'm not dreaming about Taiko no Tatsujin, even if the idea is awesome. Even if those Kat and Don hats are TEH CUTE.

But yeah, it sucks to dream about games. As if you needed any more reminding about...myah.

Anyway I'm just busy twiddling thumbs until our Goodbye Shift Sarcastic beach trip rolls along. Yes, sun! Sand! Water. Midnight strolls along the shoreline.

Well, I guess we can cross out the sun from the list of goodies, but damn I hope I can get a sunburn before we get well into the rainy season. Summer just isn't complete without experiencing that familiar feeling of pain while you're drying yourself with a towel.


...I want to say "I'll miss you, guys," but I think its already apparent. Besides, it'll be better if we lessen the emo mood over what happened. Look ahead and never look back. But damn, I envy your kabuhayan packages.

What was I supposed to write about in this post, again? F-- whatever.