Saturday, May 10, 2008

How the next Resident Evil movie should be...or not.

Judging by the past Resident Evil movies, we already know that the next one's going to be the usual snorefest, only clad in the usual red dress and shitty misplaced product placements.

But not if the Japanese can help it.

Produced for a Japanese theme park's virtual reality theatre (the one with moving seats that mimics movement in the film), Biohazard 4D Executor's got gore and violence in spades, instead of whored-out product placements. We're certainly not complaining, but we'd appreciate it if they'd up the ante by throwing bits of pulped tomato and red-colored fruit juice at the audience when the scenes ask for it.

Cockroach POV, and mmm, rat guts. Is this the Resident Evil that we all know and love? I don't know, but that shit's stronger than Nemesis.