Friday, August 29, 2008

I wish.

To be honest, I don't have anything to write about. Nothing witty, artistic, or emo; nothing opinionated (stupid or otherwise) in mind. My brain is taking a blissful vacation, engorging itself in delicious lethargy and I'm fine with it for now.

I wish I brought along my digital camera to take pictures of the clouds during my flight en route to my parent's province, and post it here. But I wasn't able to, and no - I wasn't stupid enough to turn my trip into a hellish ride to the afterworld by turning on my cellphone in-flight.

I wish my parents would stop shouting out their answers while watching them insipid game shows (The Singing Bee is okay in my books though; they have a pretty good song selection and I can't help but sing along as well. Plus, Cesar Montano is a decent host).

I wish I brought more clothes. But I handcarried my entire desktop rig (CPU and widescreen monitor); any more and I'd have to pay excess baggage. Oh wait, I already did.

I wish the groceries here had Tom Yum in their inventory.

I'm actually having a hard time trying to come up with more wishes - I don't wish for a lot, since I'm already more or less content with what I've got - but I know that most of all, I wish most of all that the next care package that I get includes what I want/need the most.

I shan't elaborate - no need to turn this post into a mushfest.