Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sometimes, boredom can lead to something...nice.

I spied the word "Cuil" from someone's YM status message. Turns out Cuil is some upstart search engine that rivals Google, so I tried to test my old pen name on it for the lulz.

Then I found this post in a message board that I'm not familiar with. My old pen name is there, as well as those of my past online acquaintances and a few people I'm close with. It's mostly a non-derogatory post, so I'll go ahead and paste it here (if any of the names mentioned are yours and you don't like to see 'em here, please notify me and I'll take down the part with your name on it).

i don't read books.

i read fanfictions.

recommended fanfictions:

beyond black doors by selrotta(omg i never knew she was magician in jeans!!! i was actually talking to the very same person whose fic got me into the fanfic addiction!!!!!) and dm_punks.

~this was the first fic i read eh.... it did a very very big impact on my life.. without it, i wouldn't be anywhere near RB fanfare, moreso at writer's arcadia)

selrotta's oneshots(try to search if it's still in RB fanfare..)... priceless... T_T

redkinoko's shots(fave: rainfall(damnijustloverain), four seasons, ten arrows, writer's block, bittersweet, anawim, conversations(EL OH EL), in real life, letting go(inspired my oneshot ^^)... his war of the cards fic is great too.)

first circle's shots(fave: cold road(wowwhatatwist), the collector(hereallyisthetimburtonofRBfanfare), tower to the moon(anothergreatone)... then part time death(neverexpectedthistobeacomedyfic) )

t'wolf's controversy(damnwhatagoodsuspensefic)

karasawa's stuff(fave:polarity divide(it'ssobloodydetailed), all her oneshots(damn...i'mspeechless) )

athousandoceans's stuff (fave: a love destructive(you never ever see this kind of fic in RB), and everything else)

if anyone can't find them in RB i'll be glad to send them to you(have copies on HD, except selrotta-sama's oneshots... they're missing T_T)
Unfortunately, most of those one shots are still, gone forever. I distinctly remember A Night in Prontera, Lesson learned: DO NOT USE CD-RW AS BACKUP.

In any case, whoever you are, thanks. I came across your post just when I needed some boost, haha. :3 I haven't written for quite some time already - I'm not joking when I say that I couldn't write these days and this is the worse time for a spell of writer's block to hit me.