Thursday, August 14, 2008

When life gives you lemons... make onion rings and udon, of course.

In my case, I decided to make delicious onion rings and udon when I got a stress-inducing lemon. While it's not yet scientifically determined how a tangy, sour, acidic lemon can produce yummy fish and shrimp broth, anyone can do it anyway out of sheer will.

Here's how I did it, with Ryan's help:

First off we made onion rings. We got a single mutant white onion, enough to yield a plateful of onion-y goodness enough for three people, and Ryan sliced it to several pungent rings. I couldn't touch raw onions, because for some reason I have a certain...reaction to them, as long as they're fresh.

The casualty: Ryan's finger

In the meantime I set all the other ingredients - egg, flour, and bread crumbs - into separate bowls. Here's how he did it, according to what Cooking Mama taught him: dip the onion in flour, then egg, and finally coat them with the Japanese bread crumbs. I noticed that the coating stripped off easily, so Ryan tried another tack: dip in egg, then flour, then the crumbs (it made more sense that way). The onion rings then had better coating.

They're actually pretty good.

Next, we made udon. Or we cooked instant udon, to be more precise. There's a nice Japanese grocery near my place, Shinanoya, and needless to say all the stocked items in that grocery will make any weeaboo feel at home. Hey, Calorie Mate. Wasabi nuts. Natto. Nat-chan. Calpis.

We got ourselves a double pack of wet udon noodles, and just dumped it into a pot of boiling water along with the seasoning that came with it. Then we put in a fish broth cube, sliced cabbages and carrots, and shelled shrimps (Ryan morbidly calls them flayed shrimps). We topped it all off with a (half-assedly) poached egg, and the confetti-like Noritama toppings. Profit.

(L-R) The carrots, shoddily-chopped cabbages, the 'flayed' shrimp

(L-R) Ryan dumping the cabbages into the pot, the finished product

What's the lemon? There's something happening in the office right now and yes, it's quite an annoyance. It's more of an annoyance than an all out "oh, woe is me" affair, but let's not delve on that right now. Indulging in too much anger or turning emo won't help me (or anyone) and doesn't look good either.

You do things in style, instead of being immature, whining, and insecure. You do the right things. You do not complain and actually do nothing about the matter at hand (no, picketing isn't tantamount to doing something). You do GAR things, not whimper like a puppy. Nevermind the fact that some puppies whine and mewl just to look cute to their respective owners.



A postscript: If I need to get crabsticks, I'll certainly go for this brand: