Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rhythm Tengoku Gold / Rhythm Heaven songs

Thanks to Google and forum-fu, I managed to find audio files ripped off of Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven in the US). Yay for fun muzak during work! Below are my most favorite tunes from the game.

If you want to get the zip file of all the tunes ripped from Rhythm Tengoku Gold, just drop me a line here or in my YM (the new one, I already abandoned the Zinfy nick) and tell me where to email it.

I'm not sure about the titles and artists that I put in the song descriptions, by the way. I haven't bothered trying to learn moonspeak so I just scrounged up the info from some messageboards; I just based the titles on their filenames from the audio rips for the rest of the tunes. Consider the names as placeholders, if you will.



Mr.M said...

Hey!!! THATS PERFECT, I HAVE BEEn searching for this OST since weeks!!!! Im insanetly playing this game and songs dont go out from my head. please add me to messenger mario_slump@( without ().


Mai said...

Heya M:

I don't have an MSN Messenger account, but I uploaded the zip for ya (this also goes to other people who are interested):

Amy said...

Oh hay, RTG OST.

You wa love.

husen said...

Hai, i am rhythm tengoku big fan too, and i am dying in beating perfect score on my NDS to listen to all songs, can i hav the link to the RTG ost? or is it that rapidshare file? cause it always says erroe while i try to download it.
thank you very much

Mai said...

Yo Husen,

The rapidshare I uploaded must have expired. But here's a link to the complete OST:

Get it while it's hot.