Friday, October 3, 2008

On the leaked official Dragonball movie trailers...

See the leaked trailers here.

Him: Oh, Mai-Mai!
Him: Did you see the trailer for Dragon Ball?
Me: noap
Me: not yet. Good?
Him: It's pretty interesting
Me: in a good or bad way? D:
Him: Good way XD
Me: I'm mixed up
Me: it looks like a good action flick, but its not...Dragonball D:
Him: Dragonball is like...myah.
Me: I feel like I'm watching Forbidden Kingdom 2
Him: People throwing other people through mountains
Me: and off color jokes
Him: Or punching people through buildings
Me: and Goku is supposed to be a single-minded character who fights because its fun
Me: I'm seeing the Forbidden Kingdom protagonist slapped with Goku's name on him
Me: "I don't want to fight"
Me: ... D:
Him: D:
Him: yeah, that was a bit facepalmy there.
Me: maybe they shouldn't have named this Dragonball :/
Me: but Bulma is cute
Me: X3
Him: Yeah, a bit.
Him: Master Roshi, though...
Him: he doesn't look like a perverted old man
Me: maybe if we judge the movie without taking into context the "source" material (which they obviously didn't take much from, except the names and the collect-em-all premise), this movie will turn out to be good
Me: but its supposed to be a Dragonball movie, dammit.
Him: Yeah.
Him: Well, you have to also consider that Speed Racer is almost the same way.
Me: you have to take into account that the directors of Speed Racer the movie at least made an EFFORT to reflect its source material. I don't see any of it in here
Him: Although yeah, DB movie pretty much shits on the source material
Him: There's also the deal about them insisting that the uniforms and the hairstyles remain
Him: Which is really unnecessary
Me: for DBZ?
Him: Somebody obviously didn't figure out the appeal of Dragon Ball
Him: Yeah, for DBZ
Me: er no. The hairstyles will translate really poorly XD
Him: I mean really, who walks around with spiked hair
Him: I know! XD
Him: It's like  "We NEED to make our movie identifiable to the main source. What should we make visible?"
Him: "The hairstyles and karate uniforms?"
Him: "FUND IT"
Him: What happened to the overblown fights and ki beam battles and off-color panty jokes?
Me: they were counting on the hairstyles and clothing to make the movie identifiable as a LOL DRAGONBALL MOVIE
Me: because they know they can't do squat about capturing what the anime/manga series was all about.
Him: Yeah.
Him: Blargh. Still, it's a must-watch. XD
Me: *sad face*
Him: You don't wanna watch it?
Me: well of course I'll watch it. its like not being able to turn away from a scene of a car crash
Me: ...and you'll pay for my tickets anyway yes? X3 so no loss of mine. Fuu fuu.
Him: Yeah, yeah, I'll pay for 'em tickets XD
Me: hahahaha
Him: You pay for the popcorn though. XD
Me: D:< you sucketh. No plain flavored popcorn, plz.