Friday, October 3, 2008

Umai, umai, Ma-shu-ma-ro (funwari funwari fuwaa fuwaa)


Click the link above, and you'll be treated to another dose of Japanese-flavored wtf moments that ranks way up high in the cuteness aesthetics, both audio and visual.

You guide this bit of marshmallow up to marshmallow heaven, and in its way are pancake frogs, pompadour heads, protozoa and other bits and pieces of oddments rendered in pleasing Japanese minimalist cuteness. Hover your mouse pointer to steer your forlorn-looking marshmallow; click on it (not on its legs!) to make it bump to the opposite direction and get rid of obstacles that's too close for comfort, lest you let them take a bite off your fluffy confection and send it hurtling to the ground.

(You can click on the How to Play link to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of marshmallow bumpan')

The marshmallow has to float its way through three levels until it reaches marshmallow heaven. If the music and offbeat overall design still bores you (how heartless!), there's still incentive on reaching and experiencing each level: reaching each stratum adds a layer of music to the bewitching soundtrack, and the variety of enemies vary slightly.

The ultimate procrastination device. Is there anyone out there who can splice flash files and send me the mp3s? A dozen internets to those who do ;___;