Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Space Invaders Peace Campaign.


Support the Space Invaders in their campaign to attain world piece er...peace!

I've just recently discovered the cute pixel-ly aliens' effort to help achieve world peace for the benefit of the pesky human race - a nefarious plan most probably conceived by galactic brains that operate along similar lines such as "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Of course, a peaceful world with its obligatory anti-weapons policies is an easier world to conquer, so it all makes sense.

In any case, just support them Space Invaders anyway - it's clearly the most logical thing to do, rather than backing up warmongering countries.

Here's the press release on the Space Invaders Peace Campaign:
In this mother earth, there still are countless conflicts, poverty problem, race / religious discrimination, anger and massive wars between human beings them selves.

Through SPACE INVADERS, we are wishing if we could help stop this negative chain reaction, and at the same time, send out the message thinking about the World Peace.

If you understand the purpose and the goal of this activity, and wish to support it, a Donation for the World Peace can be made by purchasing the original desktop clock through "Purchase Gadget", where partial purchased amount will be donated to such organizations.

Make the war happen only in the game. Let the Peace live in the Reality.
Aside from supporting them pixel aliens, you can also play the Space Invaders World War game through the link in this blog's sidebar, and contribute to your country's score rankings.

Interested? The Space Invaders Peace Campaign site can be found here, while the official website for the Space Invaders World War game can be visited through this link.