Monday, October 6, 2008

Überraschung, usw.

1. After a few weeks of all out writing and the subsequent episodes of insanity, I managed to finish the first/second/third/fourth/and god knows how many draft of my latest pet project. I finally got some time off to perform my role as a normal human being, and went out with a few pals.

Jet, the merchant and purveyor of all things awesome, got me a box of Kinder Surprise eggs from his latest business trip to HK. Kinder Eggs were actually a big part of my childhood - I first got them as a welcoming gift from a fellow Filipino when I had my two-month vacation in Germany (and, by extension, the other Schengen countries).

I had great memories with these chocolate eggs: they were filled with toys and other cool stuff, like a tiny pencil, or a tiny comic book. Since Tita gave me an entire box of Überraschung, it didn't take a lot of chocolate until I got sick of eating them, but I wanted to see more of the toys. I eventually ended up wasting a lot of chocolate (and getting a wonderful assortment of small stuff) to the consternation of my parents.

In any case, I got a box of three, and I'm happy. Here be a few pictures:

The box, and the egg.

The little guy inside the egg. Don't mess with him, he can turn you green with his ass alone.

2. On the same day Ryan and I found a copy of the official Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty graphic novel, with art by Ashley Wood. Here are a few snaps I took from my copy, and below is an exchange we had that quite eloquently sums up our general impression of the comic:

Me: I'm not sure about you, but I believe only pretentious fucks can justify the art.
Him: That's pretty....
Him: Ugh.
Him: I'm a pretentious fuck and even I can't justify it.
3. I'm currently enthralled with the live version of Shiina Ringo's Poltergeist, performed in her Electric Mole concert. Love, love, love, love. It's featured in the sidebar for now, for those who are interested.