Sunday, June 1, 2008

DS, down with the sickness, Pyro Olympics

1. I managed to get myself a new DS Lite unit, this time in Crimson/Black. Getting this thing is a tad crucial to me right now - I've realized, after months of playing with the PSP, that I'm pretty much a DS person, and that I miss my old DS terribly (I hope my brother is happy with my pink one). I've also been promoted somehow, given free rein over the DS side of things in my workplace.

For the record, my new DS Lite would be the second one that I purchased, and is the third one acquired by my household so far (the first one was stolen, and was my brother's). Just shows how much we're gay for Nintendo, ever since my granpappy, bless his soul, bought us a Famicom console.

2. I'm prone to sickness these days due to stress, and I oftentimes find myself reigning over the family house alone with no one to help me. It's sad; getting sick doesn't give me the dose of happy that it once did when I was in elementary or high school. Hey, it bought me a day off from school in those days, when I'd happily choose getting sick rather than suffer math.

I'm not alone this time around. He dropped by and stayed to take care of me, and even bought my meds. For once I was no longer stewing in my sickbed all alone, but contentedly basking in a day off from work, with him keeping me company. I was able to get well just in time for the last leg of the Pyro Olympics, thanks to his brand of TLC.

3. Ah yes, the Pyro Olympics. We weren't able to get our usual spot in Pier One (the place probably had the best deal with their 250 per head offer), but we managed to grab one of the last tables in the Jatujak area.

Yeah, that Jatujak with the epic Tom Yum soup. We didn't regret shelling out a bit more dough this time, since the food made our Pyro Olympics viewing not only a stunning visual experience, but a gastronomic one as well. A thousand pesos' worth of food is a bit too much for us to take in one go, and some of the awesome eats are sitting in my fridge right now. Leftovers have never been so wonderful.

While waiting for the fireworks to come out, I was busy filling out the first few pages of my new handwritten journal. The notebook that I got is quite nice - it had black pages, and I wrote on it with gold and silver pens. He also added a couple of page's worth of writing and scribbles; I think we're going to use it as a collaborative private journal between the both of us.

The fireworks eventually came out after a hour's worth of writing, talking, playing Taiko no Tatsujin and him fanboying over the Speed Racer DS game. I never bothered to check out which country sponsored the first round of fireworks. It was a tad lackluster and suffered from a weak finale compared to other entries; but this batch had its own share of unique dancing flames like the cross, and they had better-shaped hearts (but it may be a matter of angle and perspective because I watched from the upper floor last night).

The last batch, our country's own pyromusical exhibition, featured fireworks cavorting to themes from various films, such as Superman, Indiana Jones, James Bond, and other movies. And yes, there's also the oft whored-out O Fortuna. It's just too bad that this one also had a finale that lacked ooomph. It's quite sad, taking into account the fact that we usually had awesome fireworks with grandspanking finishing moves during the free fireworks display every Friday and Saturday.

4. ...and Mangaholix? What Mangaholix?