Saturday, June 14, 2008

1. My partner and I have been maintaining another blog for sometime now, and we've been using it for our writing exercises, or for those occasional times when we're inspired to collaborate on writing projects, only to gradually lose interest in a few weeks' time. The writing's decent to say the least, but there's a good reason why we don't really plug it, and it's due to the fact that all posts there are of the NSFW persuasion.

Nothing special, however. There's no fandom involved, save for the use of certain names plucked from favorite fictional, okay, there IS some fandom involved, to some extent. And I'm babbling.


I've just written a long, unfinished draft for a new post. It's been a long time since I updated that blog, so I felt a little bit guilty and made sure that this certain post will be...well, lengthy. If that will help, which I doubt it would.

Here's a worksafe (and nonsensical, with sucky grammar) snippet taken from my draft:
Then she stopped. She removed her hands from underneath Kana's blouse, stood up, and straightened her skirt. "Let's go?" she said, looking sideways towards the disheveled and immensely confused girl.

"What?" Kana looked as if she was on the verge of tears.

Looks like I already have power over you, you poor thing. Giving her an immaculate smile, she pointed towards the nearby lake. "I think it's time for a swim."

"We don't have extra clothing," said Kana matter-of-factly, quickly recovering from the beginnings of a fit of depression.

"We go skinny dipping," said Ryogi, even more matter-of-factly.
Well, there's the snippet, for what it's worth. Using Japanese or Oriental names for original fiction - especially slice-of-life - isn't exactly to my taste, however, but like all good couples, there has to be compromise. He wanted to write about porn set in Japanese-style steampunk or maybe the zombie apocalypse (nope, he wasn't kidding); I said screw that, I just want good old PWP with schoolgirls and professors.

We settled for doing slice-of-life erotica with characters bearing oriental names. Not bad for a compromise.

2. I've been losing sleep recently because of Kingdom of Goddamn Paradise on the PSP...yeah, without the "Goddamn" bit. That game and I share a small bit of recent history - Kingdom of Paradise was my first decent game on my first PSP (fuck you, Metal Gear Acid, fuck you), and I invested a lot of free time (converted from work time or otherwise) into playing that game. I rushed through it, eager to see the story unfold, and eventually managed to reach the final stages of the game.

But I saved the game before the encounter with the final boss and got me some shut-eye. When I woke up, PSP, along with the Kingdom of Goddamn Paradise UMD, was gone. Stolen. Pooftie. *cue sad panda* This happened sometime in 2006, I think.

I've been making up for it, so I'm currently in zombie mode during work. Ah, well.

3. Sleep, here I cometh. *rollth rollth*