Saturday, June 21, 2008


An image of you reflected in a mirror, all soft and vague and just a touch unreal; an entire world with a facsimile of yourself who appears to be blissfully unaware of your existence.

This reflection of you, mimicking your own movements...until the very moment that you turn your back. What does it do when you're not looking at it?

What does your mirror image do while you're sleeping, that one time when it doesn't have to fulfill its obligation to follow your every move? Will it yearn for the same things that you have, that it actually doesn't, yet act as if it does?

Would your shadow eventually be overcome with a very human sense of envy, that it will be forced to break the barrier separating your real world and its virtual own?

Would it want to become you?

What if you're the reflection?


Josef said...

If it is human, then it is a pity for he or she is cursed to mimic or reflect every move its dualism-counterpart does. And if I was the reflection, I would do my very best to remove the curse; and, just like other dualities, annihilate.