Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tartol Diary: New Digs

Seeing as how Squirtle is too cramped in his previous container I decided to give him new digs, and I shopped around earlier for the materials. This is what I came up with: a roomier container for Squirtle with a platform for him to bask on and just chill.

Left: his new house with the screening as cover; Right: Squirtle hiding underneath the basking platform created using a couple of lettering guides (lol) and aluminum tape.

I'm still using his old cage (the one pictured in the previous post) as his feeding container. Speaking of feeding I'm relieved that Squirtle's eating his food; I was worried about him refusing to eat due to stress brought about by getting a new home. I'm currently feeding him fish food that's been recommended by the pet shop employee I talked with.

In any case, this will be his home until he outgrows it (I hope it proves to be a long while before that). I'm thinking of adding other stuff to his crib, like putting those tiny bamboo plants inside and propping them up with rocks (mid-sized to large rocks, gravel is a no-go and may kill Squirt if he eats them). If I remember correctly, those bamboo plants thrive in water only...yes? Squirt can also feed off the leaves, I guess.

My parents were not too thrilled about the existence of Squirtle, however. I just told them that I got a new turtle as a pet, and my mom shrilled over the phone for me to return him to whoever gave him to me. Something about "bad luck." Meh. They'll have to put up Squirt's (almost imperceptible) presence; he's here, and I brought him here. And there's no "I'm your mom, and I have the right" shit, because I run this house and pay most of the bills here.