Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Karma, gasha, milk tea, muscle ramen

1. One of the most important things that my father taught me is that the concept of "karma" as it is widely used in Filipino culture is mostly self-serving - mostly used as a brownie point system wherein people tend to do good deeds only to make sure that they receive good fortune in return; or as a concept of supernatural justice that punishes evil people who seem to be beyond the reach of human law ("makakarma din yan").

I agree with my father. Whatever happened to doing good deeds solely for the purpose of being good? I'm not going to elaborate on it further - I'm just going to do a tl;dr and say that do good because you want to, not because you want to accumulate good behavior brownie points that will win you a suite in heaven.

And if shit happens, shit happens and the person who did that shit to you will get away with it if he's good at being an evil bastard. Not unless you stop being a retard and quit wishing some cosmic force will do the job of bringing the perpetrator to justice for you; if you feel that something must be done and no one's doing it for you, you have to take the matter into your own hands and do it yourself. Remember the saying "Nasa diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa"? That's a good example. Otherwise, let it go. Don't keep saying that karma will do him in. He just happened to get away this time.

2. Despite my views on karma (as used in Filipino culture) and such...let me pose this question: is it possible that we're alloted a certain amount of luck every day? Apparently, that's what my significant other believes. We were supposed to meet in GH earlier, but I got struck with a short string of unfortunate events (got stuck in non-moving traffic, was forced to walk out into the strong rain and flood without umbrella) and we had to change our meeting venue to Robinsons, which was near the spot where my bus was stuck for more than an hour.

As soon as we met, he apologized profusely and told me something about him using all of my luck for the day. I didn't quite understand it first, until he presented to me the things that he was able to get for me: a KOS-MOS gashapon figure that I always drooled on whenever I passed one by, and a plastic Cinnamoroll watch with the bunny's :3 face plastered on the watch cover (it's cheap, yeah, but I always wanted it ever since I saw one displayed on the gasha machines). He told me that he managed to get both in the first try.

" It must really be my two lucky gasha hits that made it rain," he told me.

3. If your PC is connected to a speaker, you may have noticed a music clip playing in the background the moment you access my blog. If it becomes annoying just scroll down to the very bottom of the blog to turn it off. The track is titled "Milk Tea no Jikan" by my favorite shibuya-kei duo Capsule, in case you're wondering.

4. As I wrote on an earlier post, I was catching up with Kingdom of Paradise for the PSP. I did manage to reach the last part of the game, but guess what? The game hanged during a cutscene. I gave up. I ended up letting my beloved borrow the PSP for him to use during his office hours (yeah, he's now working again) so that I wouldn't have to bash it in utter frustration.

5. It's ramen time. If you need to use a good Ramen Timer to ensure good, firm ramen noodles in your bowl, then you'll need to use Work Time Fun for the PSP's Ramen Timer while waiting for your noodles to cook. How can the video below be used as a ramen timer? Simple: you watch it while your noodly appendages are a-cookin'.