Sunday, June 22, 2008

1. Yes, the storm is definitely my friend. It's been known to give me some needed days off from during my less-than-favorable work stints in the past, and last night it temporarily yielded for the fireworks display.

The storm also caused him to stay over for the meantime, which led to him downloading Space Invaders Extreme, a game that could become another rare mainstay in my DS/PSP gaming roster. Gaaah. Can't get enough of the pew-pew-pew action. I'm loving Space Invaders so much right now, I immediately pre-ordered a Space Invaders shirt and headset from Play-Asia.

Pew-pew-pew-pew. My Space Invaders Extreme Friend Code: 004441-860116 (without dashes)

2. I just recently found out about what really happened with the "Help Needed" episode this blog experienced not too long ago (refer to the cbox). Since the whole shebang has already ended with me not knowing what it was all about until now, I'm going to refrain from saying anything - not too much, at least - concerning the incident.

I'm just a bit appalled that some people live to make other people's lives a living hell just to feel alive. Sure, I'm not a saint myself, but I'm not making a career out of it. Some people apparently do, however. For shame, girl. For sweet fucking shame.

3. Currently downloading Hakaba Kitaro, the latest anime based on the Ge Ge Ge Kitaro classic Japanese anime series. It shares the same visual style as Mononoke, and I might as well check it out and see if it's going to give me the same level of satisfaction as Kusuriuri-san's exploits. I tried picking up the second season of xxxHolic, only to be terribly disappointed. Maybe it was because I already own ten volumes of the manga, but I doubt it. I think I got fed up with Watanuki's tendency to be a whining idiot in the anime.


Nirvelli Sakray said...

Hi Mai,
Ill take the blame on the Help Needed issue although there seemed to be another impersonator on your Cbox that is not linked to my side.
I dont wanna pick any fights way, in any Im way over that even though we had our own misunderstandings in RB.I wasnt the one who directly posted the comments there (refers to my blog about my self destructive friend)
But I'll admit I got affected in a way.
I dont mind you saying I did a bad thing like I said Ill take the blame, but incase ur misinformed (becuase theres a reason really how that post got to ur cbox when it shouldt have) it wasnt done becuase of some ones need to feel alive, just in case you directed that comment towards me. Other than that I wish u well