Friday, June 20, 2008

Haet. HAET.

I hate having to blow my top just to get things done. I don't like to do it - I'm not even supposed to do it in the first place - but if I have to snap in the middle of the workplace just so I can keep what's mine then so be it. It's just needless and stressful, however, and that's the last thing I need right now. Really.

Don't be a dick and assume that I have to cover for you. That just makes you an asshole on many counts:
  1. I'm not the only person in the office, so don't hound me.
  2. You're implying that I'm a pushover just because I'm the only female in our ranks - I think you now know otherwise.
  3. Who the fuck cares about your problems? I also have MY own problems, and guess what? Yours cannot supercede mine; your problem should not be MY priority. I'm a selfish bastard, what can I do.
  4. You using the guilt trip tactic earlier isn't only pathetic, it also doesn't work for me. I'm not Mother Teresa, go BAWWW somewhere else.
  5. Trying to pull strings within management also won't work, because I know my rights. That is just ten levels of, again, pathetic.
I expect you to man it up and eat your goddamn cake.

Now, have some 'pittan in the Turtly Tunes section to diffuse the haet.


The Sun Goddess said...

Is he reading this? :D

Mai said...

Noap. I prefer to give him the haet in person. XD