Saturday, June 21, 2008

1. I'm not sure if there's going to be a storm today in Manila, but I heard from my parents that there was a big one that hit Leyte yesterday. My father said that it will eventually pass my area, but eh, I hope it doesn't. Here's to hoping that the storm misses its flight.

I usually don't mind anyway - I consider the rain as my element - but we're supposed to go fireworks watching tomorrow, if they're still holding the weekly fireworks display. Still, when did they ever let storms go in the way of fireworks? I remember the first Pyro Olympics held in the country. Was it three years ago, when we all got drenched in the rain while waiting for a fireworks routine to start? I vaguely remember a Pepsi-branded tent scuttling across the grounds in the midst of the torrential rain.

The fireworks were still able to fly that night.

In any case, a storm or two is good to share with someone else.

2. I'm sorry for sleeping on you again last night. You do know how much of a sleepyhead I am, so. .__. But still, will you hold me again, as I get drowned in dreams?

3. I've been looping a certain video at work. This one's a sort-of guilty pleasure of mine, and I think I'm beginning to hate Taiko no Tatsujin for making me hooked to tunes of franchises I usually wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. But still, am happy, since it's not all the time that I find music that I somehow find...palatable.

The song in the video below, Agent Yoru wo Iku, is taken from the IDOLM@STER franchise. Yes, the very same IDOLM@STER that caters to rabid male otaku who probably rub themselves against love pillows of their favorite female anime characters at night. I think I'm hating myself right now, but I can't help but love the tune.

This video below is my favorite version so far, with the angelic Azusa Miura (the one with the long hair). Did I say that I like Azusa? I haven't yet? Well there, I like Azusa. Makoto's deep vocals serves as the perfect foil to her sweet voice, so...yeah. Just watch the video before I ramble on.